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July and August Meeting Minutes

The July and August meeting minutes are now available:

July Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

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June Meeting Minutes

The June meeting minutes are now available to review:

June 11, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by: rrhoa | June 26, 2015

May Meeting Minutes

The May meeting minutes are now available for review:

May 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted by: rrhoa | May 27, 2015

March and April 2015 Meeting Minutes Posted

You can review the March and April meeting minutes here:

March 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

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January and February 2015 Meeting Minutes Posted

The January and February meeting minutes are now posted and available for review:

January 8, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2015 Board Meeting Mintues

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Annual Backflow Testing

Hi guys, 

It’s that time year again for annual backflow inspections.  I am looking at coming out on Monday, March 16th to your neighborhood to test all the HOA backflow assemblies.  

“Annual backflow assembly testing is required for all homeowners who have a irrigation system on their property.  WAC 246-290-490 requires your backflow assembly to be tested annually by a certified backflow assembly tester. Roosevelt Water Association oversees that your backflow assembly is tested each year to ensure that your drinking water is safer from harmful contaminants that could be present in the water in your irrigation system.”  Roosevelt Water posted the notice in their newsletter that was recently sent out to all their customers.

 As always I offer your HOA a discount rate of $35 per test.  Homeowners can schedule an appointment with me for Monday, March 16th by emailing me at or by calling 425-231-6360.  Upon completion of each inspection I will send test results to Roosevelt Water Association to meet compliance requirements.

 Thanks again, and look forward to hearing from you.


Jordan Ottow
Panther Backflow Testing

P: 425-231-6360

Posted by: rrhoa | February 19, 2015

November and December 2014 Meeting Minutes Posted

The November and December 2014 meeting minutes are now posted and can be viewed here:

2014 Meeting Minutes

Posted by: rrhoa | November 19, 2014

2014 Meeting Minutes

The website has now been updated with meeting minutes from June through October.

2014 Meeting Minutes

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Recent Car Prowls

The Board has received word of recent car prowls in the neighborhood. Several vehicles were broken into and valuables stolen. Please remember to lock your vehicles and remove all valuables from the vehicle after parking. If you see any suspicious people, vehicles or behavior in the neighbor please report it to law enforcement immediately by calling 911.

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2014 Meeting Minutes

The website is now updated with some of the 2014 meeting minutes.

2014 Meeting Minutes

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