Posted by: RRHOA | February 27, 2018

Reminder of water service disruption

Just wanted to post a friendly reminder that tonight at 12:01AM water service will be shutdown for approximately 48 hours. Details and suggestions can be found on the water association website.

Posted by: RRHOA | October 24, 2017

Annual Dues

Just a reminder that the 11-1 due date is approaching in case you set your invoice aside.

Posted by: RRHOA | April 17, 2017

2016 and 2017 board meeting minutes are now updated

The remaining 2016 and 2017 board meeting minutes are now available:

August Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes 

November Meeting Minutes 

December Meeting Minutes

January – No quorum

February Meeting Minutes


Posted by: RRHOA | April 5, 2017

Annual Meeting 2017

You should have received notifications of the HOA annual meeting this weekend. Our annual meeting will be held on Wed. Apr. 19th from 6:45 PM to 7:30 PM at the Monroe Public Library. If you would like to join the Board or ACC please attend. If you are unable to attend you can reach out to us @ As always getting quorum is important for making this meeting officially happen. Your proxy for voting and representation helps greatly if you are unable to be present.

Posted by: RRHOA | November 29, 2016

Dues Reminder

Just a friendly reminder in case you may have forgot. HOA dues need to be paid by Thursday. You can reach out to me directly or any of the board if you have any questions or email
If you already sent yours in then thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.
Wes Hagen
Posted by: RRHOA | October 18, 2016

May and June Meeting Minutes

The May and June meeting minutes are now available:


May Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes

Posted by: RRHOA | May 24, 2016

March and April Meeting Minutes

The March and April meeting minutes are now available:

March Meeting Minutes

April Annual Meeting Minutes

Posted by: RRHOA | April 13, 2016

Annual Meeting Reminder

Reminder that this meeting is tomorrow night. It is important to get to quorum attendance so if you cannot attend please proxy your vote. At this time we have one current board member (Pat Rivera) that just completed a one year term and will be seeking to continue in a normal 3 year term. It is my recommendation we approve this Nomination. Additionally there is a second position open still which I have received no direct interest in. Here is a link to a proxy ( ) if needed this can be provided to anyone in attendance or emailed to me ( designating your proxy. Additional positions are also available on the ACC.

Posted by: RRHOA | March 18, 2016

January Meeting Minutes

The January meeting minutes are now available for review:

January Meeting Minutes

Posted by: RRHOA | March 16, 2016

Annual Meeting

Our Annual meeting is approaching. Annual meetings require quorum so your participation is important. If you cannot or will not be in attendance, we ask that you proxy your vote. Notifications were delivered to you door on 3/14. If you would like an electronic copy we can email one to you.

Location: Monroe Library

Room: Monroe Meeting Room
Date(s): Thursday, April 14th, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM

The Association has open board positions so we encourage you to consider participation.

Wes Hagen

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